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My name is Maseera and I am a muslim married girl. I just want to feel the thrill of many guys looking at me and my pussy.

I am married into a very conservative muslim family (as can be seen in one of the pics) and sometimes I feel stifled, so I decided to vent out some frustrations through this.

These are some pics of me naked just before my hubby’s best friend fingered me and fucked me like an animal. My husband is a boring flavourless guy and when he was away on a conference, I told his best friend to come over to the house and he has a spare key to it too. He had no idea what was going on and he thought I needed some help with something innocent.

Just before he arrived, I went for a shower and left the bedroom door open so he could hear that Im in the shower, but he’d think that I dont know that he’s arrived. When he sat in the lounge room, I pretended I didnt know he was there and I came out completely naked in front of him. I acted like I was embarrased and he felt awkward too. I came out again with clothes on and I apologized to him and I said I felt embarrassed.

And I went and sat next to him. Then I put my hand on his thigh and slowly moved my hand on to his cock. He pushed my hand away but I smiled at him and forced my hand back on. He didn’t fight it the second time and that when we started kissing. Soon I just started taking off all my clothes and told him to fuck me on my husband’s bed. My pussy was burning to feel a strange cock inside me. He fucked me sooo roughly in my cunt and then also fucked me in my ass, which nobody, not even my husband has done before….

I wish I can fuck many other strange guys too. Especially some non-muslims

Love this

You are always welcome here… 😉

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